Friday, January 22, 2010


The Google adverts down the side of my blog never fail to make me giggle. I find it amazing how they manage to reflect what I have written in my post that day. For example after my Golden Globes bashing it was offering people 24K gold dipped roses for valentines day. It has also offered egg donor services after I confessed I made an omelette by cracking eggs one handed. Once it even offered Harry Potter lessons, I'm not going to lie I nearly clicked.

Anyway being the child that I am, and physically unable to stop myself, I have decided I'm going to mess with the algorithm. The following list will be made up of topics that have just come into my brain, call it a stream of consciousness, but I am excited to see what advertisements end up popping up.

1. Cats in socks
2. Delicate Origami Swans
3. Ninjas on pirate ships
4. Teeny Tiny Dogs that fit in teacups
5. Monkey Brains (thanks to Mat and Josh for this one)
6. Jumping Beans
7. Christmas themed candy corn
8. Green Santa
9. Jiminy Cricket
10. Pho Friday

Thats quite a list, come on Google, Mr search engine to the stars. Lets be having you.