Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Irritations of 2010

This is going to be the easiest blog entry I've ever written. This is partially because I have honed the ability to complain about anything, and partially because there are lots of irritating things that have happened in 2010 already. 

I shall list them in a list.

1. TTC - Easily the most irritating and most talked about pain in the arse of 2010. Three bloody dollars to get on the train. When I first came to Canada the price was two dollars and twenty five cents and that seemed an appropriate price considering there are only two train lines and about seven minutes between trains. When they first hiked the price to two seventy five, I thought it would mean there would be more trains, less breakdowns and perhaps an extra station or two built along the line. I was wrong. Don't even get me started on buses and streetcars, like the Hulk I promise you wouldn't like me when I'm angry. Anyways, being an environmentally conscientious young whipper snapper, and being unable to drive, means I still have to suck it up and use public transport. Seriously though if they don't start showing some sort of progress to suggest my extra twenty five cents a ride is going towards something, I'm going to turn green and write a very stern letter to the head office. 

2. Two Thousand and Ten - It's pronounced twenty ten people- 20, 10. I knew I would have to decide whether I was going to go for twenty ten vs. two thousand and ten and I'm truly glad which side the coin landed, of course that now means everyone who pronounces it in its longer form makes me want to take their tongue and shove it down their throat. On the surface, I really have no issue how one says it, but there is this deep underlying force then gets inexplicably agitated, just like when someone says 'two times' instead of twice. I'm working on my anger issues I promise. 

3. Global Warming - There are still people out in the world who think that Global Warming is some sort of hoax, who think it is a conspiracy or a lie the government made up to frighten people. Its not...

4. The Snow - Why is it, that no matter how much it snows it is never snowman-making snow that settles? We've had crunchy snow, slippery snow, melty snow and slushy snow. If it can't support the weight of a carrot then it might as well bugger off back into the sky where it belongs.

5. Facebook - I love facebook, I really do. I think people who avoid it to be cool are stupid, and people who continue to be surprised that publishing photos on the internet mean they are owned by public domain are even worse. What I don't like about facebook is that every time I go to check my profile my music cuts out for a second. This could just be my mini computer being slow, but I’ve had it happen on someone else's too. I just don't understand why it can't handle both at the same time. Maybe I'll write to Windows and get to be in one of those slightly irritating 'Windows 7 was my idea' commercials. hmmm...fingers crossed.

So there we have it, already five irritations and it’s only the middle of January. I may have to invest in those chill pills I keep hearing about. Hey, why not voice your irritations of 2010 all you have to do is leave a comment....someone, anyone? Just leave a comment, you know you want to. 



  1. I like saying two thousand and ten.....!


  2. have you tried saying 20 10 though? Do it, it will make you feel better

  3. 2010.....2010....hmmmm i like it!!