Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh Dear

I wonder if you are now unsurprised by my ability not to write anything in my blog for a while. It's a natural talent. I thought it was best to tell you the truth, so here is what happened.

At the age of fourteen I realized I had an amazing power, It happened randomly at first, I would look at a lock and all of a sudden it would slip itself open and fall to the floor. Coincidence, that's what I thought it was a case of, luck if I was really going to push the boundaries. Of course I went crazy, opening doors left right and center I couldn't stop myself. Soon there wasn't a door in Toronto I hadn't had a crack at. I was loosing control, I set my sights higher, I was going to open the front door of the bank, slide myself through the panel of lasers and I, Meryl was going to open the vault without lifting a finger.
If I had factored in the heat sensitive floor paneling, my plan would have gone off without a hitch, I would have been a legend, they would have talked of me for years. The fuzz were kind really, and instead of taking me to jail they took me to Rehab. Lock Rehab is a cool place, I met some cool people there too. Learn't a lot about myself, really pushed the boundaries you know.

So there you have it, the reason for my absence. I'm all better now, haven't touched a lock in over a month. I'm taking it one day at a time. I do plan to post my notes from Delhi either tomorrow or Thursday. And if i can stay away from hardware stores, you shouldn't have to deal with any absences any more. How can you stay mad at someone in recovery? Just look at Britney, if she deserves a second chance surely I do as well.

I also have Chocolate News: Yippee

It's not as high profile as the whole cadbury's-Kraft takeover and it's actually a little sad but I thought it was definitely something that should be shared. As Easter approaches, chocolate sales are about to sky rocket, and it is important to remember that large companies involved in cocoa bean trading in Africa are a huge problem amounting to increases in child labor and illegal trading. So this Easter why not buy some fair trade chocolate Easter gifts. Equita make amazing chocolate and it is sold all through Canada and Green and Blacks do the same thing, but all over the world. They make sure that the cocoa farmers are given a fair price for their produce, and work closely with green initiatives to reduce harm to the environment. It is a little more expensive, but think of all the good karma you are getting free with your chocolate, it's a bloody bargain really.

OK here are the links if you want to have a look....there are tonnes of pictures of chocolate on the sites, and if I have to give up staring at locks for the foreseeable future, Its good to have pictures of chocolates to help with the withdrawal



peace and love

Meryl x

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