Thursday, March 25, 2010

I got a request

I got a request for a topic on my blog, which means someone is reading my blog right? Or it is an elaborate practical joke, and someone has hidden tiny web cams in my screen to see me get all happy about it while they point and laugh. Either way, the request came all the way from Russia, which I know because my clever computer told me that the request was sent from Russia, you can see how I put two and two together there.

Firstly to whoever sent it, thank you for your nice compliments, and for reading my blog and secondly you are obviously as mental as I am as you have requested I talk about squirrels. Now I have sat for the last few hours thinking all about squirrels, written notes on paper and scrumpled them up. Thrown said crumpled up papers over my shoulder and then crumpled plain paper to create a pile in the garbage can like you see happen in the movies when they want to show lots of time has gone by.

And luckily it has worked. See squirrels are actually quite an easy topic to talk about because in Canada they say the word squirrel really weird. It sounds more like sqwirl, as if they have squished the two syllables close enough together to make just one. The squirrels in canada are also black, which is different from England where they are Grey and red. I looked up 'squirrel colors in Russia', which is going to mess with my google stats, but it seems that they are black in Russia also.

Ironically I get to tie this post in with the one I wrote yesterday because when I was little my Grandma would take me and my sister to the park to feed the squirrels none other than Conkers. I am assuming these are the conkers that were rejected during try outs for the conker championships, but they made perfect squirrel food and watching the tiny creatures crack them open with their teeth brought hours of fun. See that's kids for you, watching a squirrel is top of the range fun, you don't need 3D films when life is already in 3D. 

As it happens I have a great story about squirrels told to me by my very own roommate. When he was little, his grandma taught him how to knit, and like most young children he knit a little 15 by 15 type square, that was probably a little lopsided. Anyway, unlike most little kids, he took his newly knitted piece of material over to the park, found a cold looking squirrel and gave it to him. What he must have imagined happened next is what makes me laugh, he must have envisioned a tiny squirrel family, waiting for the daddy squirrel to come home, maybe sitting around a tiny wooden table. Then when the daddy squirrel walks in, he's all like 'i've got a surprise for you guys' but all nonchelant and whatnot. And the tiny squirell babies run outside and see this amazing new blanket, and then when they go to bed, the mummy squirell tucks them all in, and reads them a bedtime story.

So he insists this is not the reality he was imagining, but I'm totally not convinced, I see it in his eyes when he talks about it, he feels he has done the squirrel community a solid. He imagines himself a hero in squirrel town. It is, either way, a sweet thing to do.

So there we have it, a squirrel related article. Any more requests are of course welcome, although whether I have a story for every topic is something that will have to be seen. But hey if you are too shy to write, why not work your way up by leaving a comment at the end of the post.....if not for me, for my squirrel loving roommate.


  1. so good, now i am addicted to the bloggywog....! YM

  2. You never fail to bring a smile to my face with your stories. Do you have any stories about office pranks?