Friday, March 26, 2010

Office Pranks

So whoever anonymously commented on my last post asking if I had stories about office pranks, either knows me very well or is my new best friend. Firstly thank you for commenting, I still get excited when I see that someone has read my blog.

Office pranks are amazing, they are what coming to work is all about, and are what makes shows like NBC's The Office, and Parks and Recreation so very funny. There always has to be a target though, someone who is rude enough for the boss not to get angry at you for pranking, but also likely to retaliate so you know they will take it competitively enough not to have a break down. In our office his name is Matt. He is reasonably new to the office, and walked around referring to everyone as his staff, so we knew at an early point he was a potential target for endless abuse. When he started putting his garbage on my desk, it was confirmed that all future pranks would be directed towards him, well until he cried at any rate.

To give you some background Matt, is super OCD, swears like a sailor and always wears a matching shirt and tie. He has Red, and Yellow, and Pink and Green, I could finish the rainbow song and there would still be matching tie and shirt colors I hadn't mentioned. He also made the irrevocable mistake of wearing a bow tie one morning, which resulting in us sticking pictures of sailor moon's tuxedo mask all over his computer monitor.

We have pranked him so much, that now no matter who is up to no good, he comes and gets angry with me, but I will share with you some of the things we have done and you can decide if perhaps I deserve it.

Prank 1: Hiding all his stuff and leaving him a map on how to find it.

I can't take full credit for this one, as I was helped...a lot. But seeing Matt running around the office looking for his highlighters with a handmade treasure map, led to huge amounts of giggling from everyone not just me. It probably didn't help that we covered every inch of his office in post-it notes while he was in court on the same day. He was visible agitated for the rest of the week. Oh how we laughed

Prank 2: Sticking his personal items to paper.

Now that doesn't sound funny on its own, and I only helped with this one, the master mind behind this, is truly an evil genius, and if she was in the office more I think Matt would have freaked out much earlier. Not only did she glue his stapler to some paper, she glued it on an angle. This wouldn't bother me, but seeing as Matt spends half his day lining up his stationary, this one got to him on a more psychological level.

Prank 3: The Telephones

So as I think I have mentioned before, I leave many a prank message for Matt to return. Like asking him to call Mr Behr at the Toronto Zoo, but aside from that I also leave him notes suggesting he call certain numbers that screw with his phone. For example I told him he needed to call 2001, which caused every phone in the office to flash up with his extension. It was endlessly funny. Each time someone else called him to ask what he wanted he would get angrier, and he ended up swearing at least 50 times before the day was complete. Embarrassingly this one makes me laugh even as I'm typing it.  

Prank 4: Highlighters

In this prank I had a tiny 4 year old as my side kick, and luckily he seemed to take a dislike to Matt like the rest of us. I used him to deliver messages to Matt, and then when Matt retaliated by splashing him with water, I knew it was on. Really who starts a fight with a four year old? Anyway we attacked Matt in his office, throwing highlighters at him as hard as we could. Unfortunately Matt was quick and got the door closed, but we were resilient and employed more help. Dianna coaxed Matt out his office suggesting we had gone back to my desk, little did he know me and my protege sat giggling just out of sight ready to attack. I did for a second wonder if my sense of humor might be a little juvenile, I was crouching with a four year old outside someones office. But I realized that even if it was, that wouldn't be such a bad thing. Matt was surprised to say the least, and I like to think of it as one of my more victorious pranks.

These are the major ones, but I do make sure to fill time by misinforming him as to who is in the office, refusing to get him coffee and making fun of everything he wears. He happily continues to retaliate. Unbeknownst to him though, I am fed new ideas on how to prank him daily by my colleges. In fact if you have any pranks you would like me to perform on your behalf please feel free to leave them in the comments at the end of this blog.

Happy Friday to all of you, I hope you have a fantastic weekend ahead of you. If not, why not prank someone before you leave, it is the perfect anti-dote to the afternoon blues.

peace and love meryl x


  1. Ter-Ter
    I sat at my desk reading this and almost past out!
    Who knew laughing too hard would leave your body without oxygen….I am glad his personal stationary was attacked as he attacks mine; I may or may not have a mild case of OCD and he more often than not will rearrange objects on my desk which drives me nuts.
    So here is to you Mss. Prankster – THANK YOU!!!

  2. oh this really made me laugh..showing up my wicked side!

  3. all my life I've breathed sailor moon and wished with all my heart to one day marry tuxedo mask!!!
    that wish was destroyed when "matt" came into the office wearing a bow tie and the comparison was made!!
    i no longer love tuxedo mask - my dream is dead !! :D

    and as for the stationary - i have to admit - i move around when i want to make matt angry !!

    so meryl - cheers to you and all those amazingly inventive pranks !!

    lala xoxoxo

  4. giggled my way through the whole thing! love it!

  5. omg those pranks are genius - my personal favourite was prank one, bravo!