Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Easter Bunny

Easter is upon us. Well nearly, and I felt it was important to talk about the Easter bunny before all the mayhem and chocolate ensues and makes me forget what I wanted to say.

In polite language....who the flip is the Easter Bunny.

Seriously, I only just about understand the connection between Jesus and bunny rabbits, and even if we were to take it at its most literal and suggest rabbits are a symbol of fertility,  which mental person decided they would also be bringers of eggs, made of chocolate?

I get it, it's like the whole Santa at Christmas, someone made it up to sell more chocolate. What worries me is why people bought into it. To demonstrate I am going to make a confession, and it's embarrassing but true. Until I was about twelve I thought bunnies laid eggs. Now don't get me wrong, I realize that, that makes me a little dim, but the connection between bunnies and eggs was so strong. Every bloody Easter there would be pictures of bunnies surrounded by golden eggs, hiding them around the garden, or delivering them in little weaved baskets. Look at willy wonker, admittedly they were smart and made geese lay golden eggs, but still the reinforcement of my false belief was there.

Once I learned the truth I was a little pissed off. It wasn't the fact I'd been lied to, the tooth fairy revelation had taken care of that, it was the fact that having an Easter bunny bring eggs at Easter followed no logic at all. Why not have a unicorn bring Jelly beans, or a gryffindor bring a mars bar. It wasn't bible based, so the possibilities were endless.

I much preferred Easter when there was an emphasis on chicks. Tiny, little, yellow, fluff balls that made the world seem a damn sight cuter. In fact I remember at primary school there would be an Easter hat competition, and my mum and I would stick tiny chicks all over a hat and tie a yellow ribbon around the middle. We would then parade around the playground while our hats were judged by the teachers. Do you know what? This might actually have been my sister who we made the hat for, either way it was hilarious amounts of fun. PLUS, and this is a big one...chicks lay eggs. They come from eggs and they lay eggs, no confusion there, why get a rabbit involved.

On a more calm note happy Easter to those of you celebrating, and Happy Passover to my Jewish friends! I hope this holiday is fun for everyone, and no-one has crazy dreams about massive rabbits destorying the city and pulling planes out of the skies...I sure know I won't.

And finally a big hello to my friend Karla, who told me a story about being at school and sneezing snot all over her face, because of this I will love her always x


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  1. Are you telling me that Bunnies don't lay eggs...? Oh