Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Why not just scrap Healthcare all together?

I normally try and write when I am in a calm state; passion and emotion are great for devising a story but a distraction when writing one.

Unfortunately today’s blog will be written purely from a very angry place in my head, if I could title it ‘What Grinds My Gears’, and still pull readers I would, but I can’t

The republicans took the House of Representatives. 

Now yes this is American politics, and No I’m not American, but anyone pretending that changes in America don’t ripple out to become changes in the world are fooling only themselves. 

They want to repeal the Health Reform.

That’s where I got to before I got angry. It’s not really a revelation; they had opposed it for so long, it’s just completely mental. Why would you possibly want to repeal a reform that gives you access to Healthcare. It’s like asking for something bad to happen to you. To put the proverbial cherry on the cake they are doing it under the pretext that the heath reform is unconstitutional...yeah its mind boggling.
When me and my sister were little (and ok occasionally now) we used to spend hours stuck in a ‘yes I did’ ‘no you didn’t’ ‘yes I did’ ‘no you didn’t’ feedback loop, both of us forgetting what it is we were talking about and just arguing the opposite of whatever the other would say. 

It’s how you get caught in the classic switcheroo, ‘no I didn’t’, ‘yes you did – damn it.” 

That’s how I imagine American Politics got to where it is at. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to repeal a reform that gives everyone access to proper health care, so maybe the republicans are trying to repeal it just because it is the opposite of the democrats? 

When I was still at school my politics teacher told me that at election time political parties walk to one side of the political spectrum and run to the middle, it made me feel like politicians had to try and cater to everyone.  Somehow in America the populations at the ends outweigh those in the middle and now you have millions of people asking someone to take away their constitutional right to health care.  It’s deeply unsettling. 

Anyway, rant over… for now anyway. 

Hope you are all appreciating your free healthcare and the sensibilities that come along with said appreciation. 


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  1. But of course if you DID call it What Grinds My Gears I would have slapped a HUUUGE lawsuit on your cute arse!